What is SheThePeople?

SheThePeople is women’s media network dedicated to women in leadership in India. We promote, document and discuss leadership in women and explore possibilities through the power of digital media in what is an exhaustive online digital channel.

I know someone who should be part of SheThePeople. How can I invite her?

We are always looking to expand our community and share successful stories. If you know someone who is a great fit for our network, contact us. Alternately just ask your friend to register or login using any of the popular social media websites or networking platforms and we are well integrated with them.

What’s so great about us?

  Women across the world are actively joining the workforce, asserting themselves on issues and networking to become a strong force. In India over 50 million women are set to get online in a few years. From leaders, game-changers, board members, executives and entrepreneurs, sportswomen and politicians and every woman engaging in her goals, we are changing the conversation about them. We believe we are an active positive part of that change. We meet them and bring their success stories to you.

Why should you join us?

The future promises to driven by high quality content. We are a link to that future. SheThePeople.TV believes in his anchors, in his subjects, in women at work and women in leadership. We are part of that change and as more and more women come online, we believe their quest for great content will only expand. SheThePeople.TV will be able to offer them new, useful and leadership-driven content expertise.